Upper Bucks Pickleball Club Schedule


Indoors at Upper Bucks YMCA

Outdoors at Robert Keller Park

Other Nearby Facilities


Note: Occasionally the schedule changes because of weather or other factors; you can get updates via WhatsApp.


NEW! Meetup Trial

We are currently trying the Meetup app for organizing weeknight and weekend play outdoors only (weekday outdoor play and indoor play are excluded at this time). Meetup allows us to do the following better compared to our current app – WhatsApp. Our hope is that Meetup will make getting together to play easier and increase our club’s membership.

  • RSVPs are tabulated per event so that members do not have to scroll through several days worth of WhatsApp messages to determine if enough players will be showing up.
  • Organizers can easily use Meetup to cancel a session due to weather, lack of interest, etc and only players who have RSVP’ed will be automatically be notified
  • Members can use Meetup to easily message only those who have RSVP’ed to an event instead of using WhatsApp and sending an message to everyone including dozens of members who it doesn’t pertain to
  • Members can use Meetup to message everyone in our Meetup group with general announcements that are pickleball-related
  • Non-members who use Meetup for other organizations can find our club’s events when searching for places to play pickleball and join us


  • To see more information such as fees, contact information, and links to maps, simply click on the event.
  • If you find any incorrect or missing information, please contact us so we can make the changes.
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