Changes Due to COVID-19

The indoor courts at the YMCA are not available.

The outdoor courts at Robert Keller Park are open but we are NOT scheduling open play using Meetup. To use the courts, you will need to do the following.

  • organize your own groups
  • schedule times among yourselves
  • bring your own balls

If you show up at the courts by yourself, there should be no expectation that a group can accommodate you.



Indoors at Upper Bucks YMCA

  • Currently not available due to COVID-19
  • Occasionally the schedule changes because of weather or other factors; you can get updates via WhatsApp

*The YMCA schedule changes regularly and we do our best to keep our website current but, to be certain of playtimes and days, you can call them at 215-536-9622 or check the Quakertown Aux Gym Schedule

Outdoors at Robert Keller Park