2018 Relish the Day Pickleball Tournament Results

Men’s Doubles 3.0-3.5

  1. Michael Schiffer/Tom Sweeney
  2. Jose Alvarino/Michael Jones
  3. Bret Spangler/Neal Apgar

Men’s Doubles 4.0

  1. Drew Newman/Jack Fox
  2. Edward Greth/Will Lapp
  3. Greg Claridge/Steve Seiler

Men’s Doubles 4.5-5.0

  1. Brian Strehle/Max Sosa
  2. George Munther/Oscar Mateos
  3. Bennett Matthew/Roger Mosteller

Women’s Doubles 3.0-3.5

  1. Lee Continue reading

2018 Mixed Doubles Pickleball Tournament Results

Mixed Doubles 3.0

  1. Andrea Nordstrom/Richard Nordstrom
  2. Crystal Mangir/Peter Yost
  3. Judy Bonomo/Gary Krause

Mixed Doubles 3.5

  1. Laurie Rittle/Darin Rittle
  2. Gabby Esz/Helmut Esz
  3. Anita Meehan/Gerry Frombach

Mixed Doubles 4.0

  1. Naseer Gibbs/Lindsay Williams
  2. John Zeiger/Barbara Matase
  3. Betty Allcorn/Bob Auchenbach

Mixed Doubles 4.5

  1. Kerry Continue reading

2017 Relish the Day Pickleball Tournament Results

Men’s Doubles 49 & Under

  1. Oscar Mateos/Jeff Siegel
  2. Brian Strehle/Todd Keller
  3. Greg Claridge/Steve Seiler

Men’s Doubles 50-60

  1. James Humes/Krishnakumar Mundiath
  2. James Nervine/Marty McLean
  3. James Schulte/Tinh Nguyen

Men’s Doubles 61 & Over

  1. Glenn Martin/Tom Williams
  2. Bill Berrier/Les Jacobson
  3. Michael Goodman/Tom Coles Continue reading

February 2017 Newsletter

The Upper Bucks Pickleball Club is gearing up for another great year of Pickleball in 2017. We are already working to plan events for the year and wanted to update you on what you can expect to experience. We are Continue reading

2016 Holiday Party/Play Day

Upper Bucks Pickleball Club’s 2016 Holiday Party/Play Day was held on 12/18/2016 at the Upper Bucks YMCA. Around 50 members came to play, watch, socialize, and snack with each other. It was a fun day, that included a visit from Continue reading

2016 New Hanover/Boyertown YMCA Tournament

At least 12 UB members participated in the New Hanover/Boyertown YMCA tournament in November 2016. There were 12 mixed doubles teams, 14 men’s teams, and 6 women’s teams. The competition at this smaller tournament was Very Good! Our club was Continue reading