1. Jen Wang and John Hofstaedter
  2. Randy and Vicki Botts


  1. Mark and Terry Gabel
  2. Matt Becker and Brenda Weckerly


  1. Piyush Tiwari and Lynn Schmidt
  2. Patti Boyle and Steve Iaquinto


  1. Peter Luck and Sherri Steinhauer
  2. Riaan Jordan and Rebecca Ryan

Upper Bucks Pickleball Club’s 2016 Holiday Party/Play Day was held on 12/18/2016 at the Upper Bucks YMCA. Around 50 members came to play, watch, socialize, and snack with each other. It was a fun day, that included a visit from Continue reading

On a very warm day in August, we invited picklers from Havertown to come up and enjoy our courts with us. We played for several hours in the hot sun (you can tell by our appearance in the pictures!) and Continue reading