Baddle Echelon Paddle Review

I think I may have found my next pickleball paddle. I never heard of the Baddle brand paddle prior to being asked to demo it. I usually purchase paddles from the top manufacturer like Selkirk, Paddletek, or Engage but decided to give it a try. The first moment I tried the lightweight Echelon paddle it felt so comfortable in my hand. Once I started playing with it, the touch and control were unbelievable. The paddle allowed me to place balls more accurately. The other feature of the paddle was the gritty textured surface. What I felt the textured surface allowed was for the ball to stay on the paddle longer and allow me to hit angled shots more consistently. It also provided more spin on my serve. The grip on the paddle was small but it fits the paddle well since the Baddle Echelon paddle is on the lighter side (7.6 oz). Overall, the paddle provided me a lot of control, a large sweet spot, a roomy handle, and had great power on put-away shots. I enjoyed the lightweight because it allows me to reset quicker and be ready for the next shot. This paddle is great for someone looking for a lighter paddle that provides control. I appreciate the opportunity to try the Baddle paddle. Thank you Pickleball Central for the opportunity.

-Barb M

I was given a Baddle paddle to try a few days ago. It was the Baddle Echelon Graphite Paddle. The paddle I was given to test drive was the mid-weight paddle with the small grip (3 7/8”). I loved the size of the grip. I also really liked the lengths of the handle. I have a two-handed backhand it was great for that. I think it is a great paddle for people who prefer a smaller handle. The weight was perfect for me because I prefer a lighter paddle. It was easy to manage and didn’t hurt my shoulder. I also liked the graphite face of the paddle. I felt like the texture on the face, which they call SpinGrit, helps to grab the ball better. I thought it allowed for more accurate shots. It seemed helpful for some great put-aways. I also was happy with the way I was able to have some terrific angled kitchen shots. The thing I liked most was the way it grips the ball to all for more accurate shots. It is a great paddle for people with two-handed backhands. It has great feel. I liked the paddle so much that I ordered one the next day from PickleBall Central. I’m looking forward to playing with my new Baddle Paddle.

-Beth B


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