Current Players

As of 8:22 AM on 8/30/2017

Brackets are subject to change.

Team Event Bracket
Bennett Matthew/Scott Austin Men’s 49 and under
Bill Gilbert/Bob Wright Men’s 49 and under
Brian Strehle/Todd Keller Men’s 49 and under
Carver Leighton/Rob Leighton Men’s 49 and under
Chris Lahey/Gerald Frombach Men’s 49 and under
David Lopez/Jeremiah Thomas Men’s 49 and under
Ed Thurston/John Hong Men’s 49 and under
Frantz Piquion/Tim Coyle Men’s 49 and under
Greg Claridge/Steve Seiler Men’s 49 and under
Jeff Siegel/Oscar Mateos Men’s 49 and under
Jeffrey Kees/Robert Foster Men’s 49 and under
Jeffrey Seiler/Travis Washington Men’s 49 and under
John Zeiger/Max Sosa Men’s 49 and under
Jonathan Vitriol/Joseph Vitriol Men’s 49 and under
Kevin Burke/Tom Sweeney Men’s 49 and under
Kurt Lacapruccia/Mark Lacapruccia Men’s 49 and under
Dale Bachart/Mark Grounard Men’s 50 to 60
James Humes/Krishnakumar Mundiath Men’s 50 to 60
James Nervine/Marty Mclean Men’s 50 to 60
James Schulte/Tinh Nguyen Men’s 50 to 60
Jose Alvarino/Peter Chan Men’s 50 to 60
Allen Harper/Bob Auchenbach Men’s 61 and over
Bill Berrier/Les Jacobson Men’s 61 and over
Charlie Kline/Randy Stauffer Men’s 61 and over
Clyde Williams/Martin Muth Men’s 61 and over
Dee Adcock/John Hom Men’s 61 and over
Glenn Martin/Tom Williams Men’s 61 and over
Jim Kressly/Richard Nolte Men’s 61 and over
Michael Goodman/Tom Coles Men’s 61 and over
Aaron Bryant/Dalia Bryant Mixed 49 and under
Amanda Karli/Oscar Mateos Mixed 49 and under
Bennett Matthew/Julie Kessler Mixed 49 and under
Beth Warfel/Scott Austin Mixed 49 and under
Brian Strehle/Kerry Schaffer Mixed 49 and under
Chris Lahey/Linda Naylor Mixed 49 and under
Christine Fitzpatrick/Gerald Frombach Mixed 49 and under
Dottie Kelly/Max Sosa Mixed 49 and under
Eileen Mckeogh/Todd Keller Mixed 49 and under
Gina Danis/Kevin Burke Mixed 49 and under
Jessica Albanese/John Fisher Mixed 49 and under
Kathy Dearden/William Dearden Mixed 49 and under
Annie Sweeney/Tom Sweeney Mixed 50 to 58
Barbara Matase/John Zeiger Mixed 50 to 58
David Lopez/Karen Lopez Mixed 50 to 58
John Hong/Lynn Schmidt Mixed 50 to 58
Loretta Swaneveld/Tony Swaneveld Mixed 50 to 58
Marion Walsh/Peter Chan Mixed 50 to 58
Carolyn Vitriol/Jonathan Vitriol Mixed 59 and over
Dale Bachart/Kel-Lee Wallace Mixed 59 and over
Edward Greth/Lee Kennedy Mixed 59 and over
Joe Mcfarland/Rebecca Lieb Mixed 59 and over
Mark Grounard/Vickie Dautrich Mixed 59 and over
Barbara Matase/Lisa Alessi Women’s 55 and under
Christine Fitzpatrick/Linda Naylor Women’s 55 and under
Dalia Bryant/Eileen Mckeogh Women’s 55 and under
Dottie Kelly/Marcy Lynch Women’s 55 and under
Gina Danis/Sydney Stevenson Women’s 55 and under
Julie Kessler/Kerry Schaffer Women’s 55 and under
Lori Guitson/Susan Kocher Women’s 55 and under
Annie Sweeney/Sue Close Women’s 56 and over
Beatrix Dilaurenzo/Karen Lopez Women’s 56 and over
Cheryl Kline/Laurie Rittle Women’s 56 and over
Crystal Mangir/Rebecca Lieb Women’s 56 and over
Kel-Lee Wallace/Vickie Dautrich Women’s 56 and over
Marion Walsh/Sandy Adcock Women’s 56 and over