Results for 2016 “Relish the Day” Pickleball Tournament

Onix Paddle Raffle Winners
Gary Krause
Jerry Frombach

Men’s Doubles (Under 50)
1st Place Paul Olin/Josh Ellenbogen
2nd Place Oscar Mateos/Dan Wheeler
3rd Place Paul Iezzi/Jeff Siegel

Men’s Doubles (50-64)
1st Place Richard Murray/Tom Weniger
2nd Place David Blythe/George Snyder
3rd Place Roman Antochy/John Hong

Men’s Doubles (65 Plus)
1st Place Tom Coles/Michael Goodman
2nd Place Bob Auchenbach/Allen Harper
3rd Place Larry Jerrom/Bill Gilbert

Women’s Doubles (54 and Under)
1st Place Mingli Huang/Amanda Karli
2nd Place Barb Matase/Kerry Schaffer
3rd Place Dalia Bryant/Eileen McKeogh

Women’s Doubles (55 Plus)
1st Place Marcy Lynch/Lynn Schmidt
2nd Place Yvonne Puryear/Gail Weniger
3rd Place Laurie Rittle/Joyce Cadwallader

Mixed Doubles (Under 50)
1st Place Oscar Mateos/Amanda Karli
2nd Place Brian Strehle/Kerry Schaffer
3rd Place Jeff Siegel/Susan Liberi

Mixed Doubles (50-61)
1st Place Kerry Pittenger/Cheryl Scott
2nd Place Tom Weniger/Yvonne Puryear
3rd Place George Snyder/Marcy Lynch

Mixed Doubles (62 Plus)
1st Place Jerry Lennon/Linda Lennon
2nd Place Max Amin/Ceil Crouthamel
3rd Place Tom Welsh/Harriet Sedgwick