Welcome to the Upper Bucks Pickleball Club! We are a group of active pickleball players of varying skill and age levels gathering to play regularly in Quakertown, PA. Learn more about us.

Our home courts for indoor play are located at the Upper Bucks YMCA, and for outdoor play at the Robert O. Keller Memorial Park . The schedule on our website is for general play times; become a member to receive emails regularly with schedule updates and other important information. Non-members of all ages and skills are welcome to join us anytime. We guarantee a good time!

Our website contains the latest news and information about our club, in addition to helpful links we find most useful. Also check out our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you on the court!

Robert Keller Park

Upper Bucks YMCA


*Occasionally the schedule changes because of weather or other factors; you can get updates via WhatsApp.

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Upcoming Tournaments

  1. September 22-23, 2018 Relish the Day
    More Info/Register
  2. Spring 2019 – Dinko De Mayo
    (details available in 2019)
  3. Summer 2019 – Blastille Day
    (details available in 2019)

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